Recommended Tennis Sites

Here is a Partial List of Tennis Sites I Enjoy Visiting

  • AJGTennis gives readers a first-hand account of a player trying to make it on the ATP Tour.
  • Tennis Files has a great deal of content and a unique perspective on tennis from an author who has seen the sport from many perspectives.
  • The Grandstand run by Ricky Dimon lives up to its billing of providing a front-row look at the world of professional tennis.
  • Tennis View Magazine – For anyone who wonders what a good tennis publication should look like in print or online, look no further.  I just discovered this and am pouring through it.
  • Tennis Analysis does just what its title suggests: it offers great analytic information about tennis.  I can spend hours looking through the information it offers.
  • Tennis This has a lot of great content and also has a nice edge to it.
  • Valerie David’s Tennis Inside Out provides photos and insights that are a lifeline for tennis fanatics.
  • Lucia Hoff gets great access at Tennis Vista
  • Tennis Nerds is a must for reading entertaining and insightful analysis.  Also, I love tennis and can be described as being a nerd so what is not to love?
  • Second Serb is a site with great information and the content is presented in an engaging manner.
  • Tennis Island combines great writing with great design.  I love the site.
  • On the Rise has a lot of nice content.
  • Foot Fault is a great site even if we hate to foot fault when playing (honestly who is calling that line for most of us?).
  • Mikhail Palecar has great tennis takes coming out of Bombay.
  • The Outer Courts – I must preface this by stating that my two greatest loves in sports are professional tennis and University of Kentucky basketball.  Matt Jones and Drew Franklin are best known for their work at Kentucky Sports Radio covering the University of Kentucky.  The Tennis Channel was smart enough to add their offbeat outsider perspective to their internet coverage of tennis starting at the 2013 Indian Wells event.  Matt Jones and Drew Franklin help open the sometimes insular world of tennis up to a wider audience by helping passionate and casual fans of tennis alike to appreciate the idiosyncrasies of the tennis world.
  • The Changeover offers tennis coverage with a lot of humor.
  • Blacklabel Tennis – The point of view provided by this site is second to none.  I enjoy the writing and admire the writer.  If you are looking for in-depth content, insightful analysis, and great photographs this is a site you need to be reading.
  • Tennis Acumen – First, Pete Ziebron is an incredibly nice guy who I have been lucky enough to meet twice while covering tennis events.   Second, his site is a no-nonsense look at professional tennis.  Pete has great respect for his subject while also asking questions that throw the tennis world into greater relief for fans.
  • is another goldmine of tennis content.
  • Steven’s Posts at Bring Your Racquet – I already have Steven White’s site linked to my instruction resources tab, but he also offers must-read material of his own.
  • I doubt that Sports Illustrated and the New York Times’ Straight Sets Blog need my endorsement, but Jon Wertheim, Courtney Nguyen, Ben Rothenberg and others all provide excellent tennis content.
  • Tennis-X is where I got my first serious platform for writing on tennis.  Sean Randall, Tom Gainey and the rest of their staff provide a lot of up to date reporting and an edgy/at times offbeat view on the world of tennis.
  • One thing I have noticed is that Roger Federer drives internet hits.  Roger Federer, The Champion is a great site for keeping up with Roger’s activity. The writer is also a nice guy.
  • Not to be outdone, Rafael Nadal Fans is a must bookmark site for Nadal fans.  It has tons of content.

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