Product Reviews

Clothing Reviews

  1.  Bones Original Tennis Wear IMG_2579

Footwear Reviews

1.  Thorlos


Book Reviews

  1. Bring Your Racquet: Tennis Basics for Kids by Steven White

2.  Tennis A-Z by Lissa Johnston A 10 and Under Tennis Guide


Here are links to previous product reviews I have done.

1.  Head YOUTEK Radical OS Review

2.  The Sklz Power Base Trainer and Speedminton Reviews

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Joe W says:

    Hi Dan – saw your post over on Tennix-x and thought I’d say hello. Your site is pretty interesting. Are you now considered a contributor emeritus at Tennix-x? One suggestion I would make is you should add some of your own stories to the site. I enjoyed your references to your junior and college days on tennis-x. All the best, Joe

    1. Dan Martin says:

      Thanks Joe, I will do some of that. Glad you like the site Keep coming back

    2. Dan Martin says:

      Hi Joe – Sorry I caught your comment when I only had a minute to respond. Thanks for checking out my new site. I am still welcome to write for tennis-x, but I am not expecting to do so anytime soon. I love tennis-x but I felt like Sean, who does great work, was covering the topics so thoroughly that I’d just be rehashing most of the topics even if I had different takes. I thought I’d try to strike out on my own and so far so good.

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