The Self-Similar Nature of Tennis

Tennis can be thought about at a number of levels, but each level is of a similar complexity to the level above or below it.  I will look at 3 of these levels. The Level Most People Talk About: Individual Skills One’s technique when hitting the ball, one’s movement on the court, and one’s conditioning…

Tennis & Nerves – My Perspective from Playing & Coaching Part 1

Mental Tennis Tennis being an individual sport with minimal to no in-competition coaching has always put pressure on a player’s mental fortitude.  Anyone who has played tennis also knows that at times one’s mental fortitude falters.  Singles is particularly tricky because a loss means either the opponent was better or one failed to play well….

Does Tennis Need Inspirational Speeches?

As a tennis player, I have to say there is something about these motivational speeches that is almost laughable. Jim Courier once roughly said that the hard thing about being a tennis coach is that most tennis players chose tennis because they did not want to constantly be told what to do.