Youtube Tennis for September 25 – October 1

Youtube Tennis: Here is a New Feature 

3-5 Good Youtube Videos on Tennis Each Week

  1. Novak Djokovic vs. Rafael Nadal 2011 US Open Final (Best Points) – Great stuff
  2. Federer vs. Roddick (Early Career) – Always a Classic
  3. Pete Sampras wins the 1st set versus Andre Agassi 1995 US Open Final – Sorry about the music, but this was the only video I could find of this point.
  4. Jimmy Connors 1991 – The return to earn break point was pretty amazing as well.
  5. Boris Becker vs. Ivan Lendl 1986 Wimbledon Final – Acrobatic recovery

* – is a website so I changed the name of this feature

One Comment Add yours

  1. tennis fan says:

    Great videos – I love Becker’s dive and recovery after the let cord!

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