Indian Wells Final Sunday Predictions

Final Round – Predicted Winners in BOLD

Victoria Azarenka (1) vs. Maria Sharapova (2) – Maria may be due to beat Azarenka, but Vika is undefeated in 2012.  I have said in my other picks that until someone beats Vika I am going to keep picking her.  I think Azarenka wins in straight sets.  She can do what Kirilenko did to Sharapova defensively speaking and has a great deal more offense than Kirilenko.  Azarenka is a bad match-up for Sharapova.

Roger Federer (3) vs. John Isner (11) – This match is much harder to predict.  Isner won his most recent match against Federer and just beat the number one player in the world.  With his serve, I would expect a lot of close sets.  I am basing my pick on Federer’s recent winning streak and the fact that he lost to Isner.  It will be hard for Isner to beat Federer twice in a row.


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