Miami: DelPo to Meet Cilic, Some Other Guy Wins


Del Potro d. Cilic, 6-3 7-6

He has such a strangely elegant service motion.  It’s all in the left hand.

Both Cilic and DelPo got sassy with the umpire during the match.  Cilic, because DelPo took eons to challenge on a serve (the crowd was boo-ing DelPo after the time he took), and DelPo, because the umpire couldn’t always see what was happening on the court (due to the sunlight).  And to think DelPo-Cilic once faced each other as young’uns.

 Cilic, who is on his way back after a knee injury, had trouble easing his way into the match. He was making errors that directed the momentum back towards DelPo.  DelPo, for his part, was serving very well.  Following a recent pattern, he kept his UFE count pretty low, although that also meant he hit fewer winners.  Against this version of Cilic, though, that proved more than adequate.


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