Sony Ericsson/Miami Predictions for 3-30-2012

Predicted winner in BOLD

C = Correct Pick, X = Incorrect Pick


Novak Djokovic (1) vs. Juan Monaco (21) – Monaco has had a dream run.  Nole has not played his A+ game to this point.  Still, Novak will advance.  His return of serve alone makes it hard for Monaco to win this match.  C

Rafael Nadal (2) vs. Andy Murray (4) – Murray has a chance to say Indian Wells was just a bad day, buy that there is now a new dynamic on tour.  Murray needs this win more than Rafa does.  Murray has a coach who improved his strategy versus Novak.  I think Ivan Lendl will have some subtle changes that help Murray.  N/A – Murray advances, but I won’t claim this as a correct pick as no match took place.  

Daily Total: Correct – 1, Incorrect – 0

Tournament Total: Correct – 79, Incorrect – 36

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  1. Nadal said “Sampras match. or one between those kind of players, is not enjoyable. It’s not really tennis. a few swings of the racquet. For me in the past it was just serve”

    arrogant smug

    Clay excluded. Successive win 0. If grass and a hard court are fast. Like Sampras era. Nadal is able to win only with clay. Nadal is the power tennis of defense and muscles. boring. ugly. All the surface is slow now

    Fake time-out. cheater. ugly gamesmanship. too noisy annoying always. excuse for injury or sick or tired. lways exaggerated annoying information of self condition. ugly protest. etc.

    arrogant annoying blind fan. sucks

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