Federer Facts

Earlier today I was running through some of Roger Federer’s records and standings in my mind.  I was trying to wrap my head around these gaudy numbers.  I figured it makes sense to post these records and then revise them as they change or a different record occurs to me or you.  Why should I hide any research I do from my readers?  Enjoy my brain storming and feel free to add anything I missed.

Federer Facts

Grand Slam Record Since 2003

  • 13-3 in 2003 – Wimbledon title
  • 23-1 in 2004 – 3 Slams
  • 24-2 in 2005 – 2 Slams
  • 27-1 in 2006 – 3 Slams
  • 27-1 in 2007 – 3 Slams
  • 24-3 in 2008 – US Open title
  • 26-2 in 2009 – 2 Slams
  • 20-3 in 2010 – Australian Open title
  • 20-4 in 2011
  • 17-2 in 2012 to this point – Wimbledon title

Top 5 Titles at Each Major in the Open Era

Australian Open:

  • 1st Andre Agassi 4 titles & Roger Federer 4 titles
  • 3rd Mats Wilander 3 titles & Novak Djokovic 3 titles
  • 5th Johan Kriek, Stefan Edberg, Boris Becker, Pete Sampras, Ivan Lendl & Jim Courier all have 2 titles

French Open:

  • 1st Rafael Nadal 7 titles
  • 2nd Bjorn Borg 6 titles
  • 3rd Gustavo Kuerten 3 titles, Ivan Lendl 3 titles and Mats Wilander 3 titles


  • 1st Roger Federer 7 titles & Pete Sampras 7 titles
  • 3rd Bjorn Borg 5 titles
  • 4th Boris Becker 3 titles & John McEnroe 3 titles

US Open:

  • 1st Jimmy Connors 5 titles, Roger Federer 5 titles, & Pete Sampras 5 titles
  • 4th John McEnroe 4 titles
  • 5th Ivan Lendl 3 titles

Most Consecutive Grand Slam final appearances – Roger Federer 10

2nd Most Consecutive Grand Slam final appearances – Roger Federer 8

Most Consecutive Grand Slam semifinal appearances – Roger Federer 23

Most Consecutive Grand Slam quarterfinal appearances – Roger Federer 33 (active streak)

Most Consecutive Weeks Ranked #1 – Roger Federer 237 Weeks

Most Total Weeks Ranked #1 – Roger Federer and Pete Sampras 286 Weeks

Most Grand Slam Titles – Roger Federer 17

Most Grand Slam Finals – Roger Federer 24

Most Year End Championships – Roger Federer 6

Most Wimbledon Finals Reached – Roger Federer 8

Most Consecutive Tournament Final Victories – Roger Federer 24

Most Grand Slam Match Wins – Roger Federer 244


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  1. I don’t care what anyone, including Federer, says. I’m fully convinced he’s the GOAT

    1. Dan Martin says:

      Ben, I think the most convincing stat for GOAT of the Open Era is that he is tied for the most titles at 3 of the 4 slams along with holding the most Year End Championships. Even in Paris, he has reached more French Open finals than Lendl or Guga did and is tied with Wilander for 3rd most finals appearances with 5 French Open final round appearances behind Nadal’s 7 and Borg’s 6.

  2. Outside of the slams, Federer has 75 career titles. Fourth on the list behind Connors, Lendl, and McEnroe. 11 titles ahead of Sampras. I think this is hugely significant considering how many random small tournaments the guys played in 80s. Even in winning a “small” title in Rotterdam, Federer is facing AND beating a top 10 player nearly a decade his junior in a guy like del Potro.

    Overall, Federer just holds/shares/in-the-top-10 in just about every stat there is in tennis. On all surfaces, in all the slams. Nadal has tons of multiple titles at several clay events. But Federer has tons of multiple titles at various tournament on all the surfaces, clay included. I don’t know what he really needs to do for people to understand his superiority. Sure it sucks that Nadal has this strangehold on him but he’s just one player.

    1. Dan Martin says:

      Yeah, I think some of the events Connors won in the 70’s are not considered valid main tour level events by the ATP itself that seems to list Lendl as holding the most titles. To get to 75 titles in an era of far deeper talent is something to behold. Federer will likely pass Mac’s total of 77 titles.

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