Federer Gets to 20 Slam Match Wins Again

My apologies for not having my picks for today posted, but I had some difficulties with WordPress.  My readers will just need to trust that I picked every match today correctly and check in tomorrow for my Day 7 picks.

Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Pete Sampras failed to win 20 Grand Slam Matches during their breakthrough slam years.  Roger Federer has won at least 20 Grand Slam matches for the 9th consecutive year.  9th Consecutive Year!

Roger Federer’s Grand Slam Match Record from 2004-present 211-19

Winning Percentage of 91.7%

Yearly Totals

2004: 23-1

2005: 24-2

2006: 27-1

2007: 27-1

2008: 24-3

2009: 26-2

2010: 20-3

2011: 20-4

2012: 20-2 US Open in Progress 


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  1. xmike says:

    Also, federer just reached his 44th round of last 16 (or 4th round, whatever you prefer) grand slam match, yes, a minor footnote, compared to all his other records, but he has just surpassed the 43 of connors and now holds also this record on his own; if he wins his next match, it will be his 38th QF, just 3 away from connors 41 quarters;

    GS wise, it’s one of only 3 records he still has left to beat (the others are most participations: currently 54, santoro has 70 and consecutive participations: currently 52, ferreira has 56).

    ALL the other GS records, including number of points, games, and sets won are already his so every time he wins a match he is just adding to his own records

    1. Dan Martin says:

      Great points – Federer’s case is strong and it gets stronger every time he steps on the court.

      1. xmike says:

        hi Dan, i think fed got a walkover in australia this year, so he is only 19-2 for 2012 as walkovers don’t count, of course he could get the 20th win if he beats fish tommorow

      2. Dan Martin says:

        I see your point – I am sure a few walkovers were present in his earlier years as well, but I think he has hit 20 every year except maybe this year since 2004

  2. ofcourse he was the CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS……..

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