Reviewing Yahoo’s New Tennis Format

Yahoo Left Behind Everywhere Except for Sports

Yahoo was at one time a trend setter.  Google dethroned them and basically, yahoo has been trying to remain relevant ever since.  Still, in the world of sports journalism yahoo has carved out a nice niche.  If one is looking for hard hitting criticisms of NCAA hypocrisy, BCS number crunching, or corruption in professional sports, yahoo is your place.  Yahoo tennis has always been a nice place for fans to visit and get a concise glimpse of the events on the ATP and WTA tours.  Yahoo tennis never possessed the hard hitting writers found on yahoo’s other sport sites, but it was a nice place.  Now it has changed.

Fan Takes

Yahoo’s new tennis site format features a lot of fan impressions and predictions.  This I think is largely positive.  My guess is the lack of a budget for hard hitting opinion makers has prompted yahoo to invite potentially tough-minded opinions from tennis fans.  There has been a major exception to this positive development.  Julie Hayes’ writing has consistently been riddled with errors ranging from how the ATP ranking system works to who won a given event in a given year.  The lack of editing and fact checking has undermined her writing.  Beyond that, her topics have tended toward the inane.  Hayes was the first fan contributor that I noticed, but as yahoo has sought out greater numbers of writers, my guess is that Hayes’ influence will be diluted.


Yahoo’s new tennis format needs to somehow revert to showing a list of today’s matches and results.  This was a strength of the old format that could easily be reintroduced to the current site configuration.

Chris Chase

I understand the business of web publishing is to generate impressions.  Chris Chase has over the years put forth stories and opinions that are not my cup of tea.  Still, the controversial and gossip driven posts likely do generate web impressions.  Chase has not posted a great deal on tennis since inviting in fan contributors.  I think this too is largely positive.

Grading Yahoo’s Change


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  1. Mike Swanquis says:

    I only ever see Yahoo articles when I sign out of my e-mail, and as they generally appear to be about which 20 American cities are the best places to live, which two celebs wore the same dress to an event or daring me to spot a well-camouflaged animal/military vehicle, I don’t click on them that often. But if Dan Martin is, er, quasi-endorsing the Sports section, I might have to check it out.

    Good to have you back, Dan!

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