Indian Wells 2013 Championship Predictions

Predicted Winners in BOLD


Rafael Nadal (5) vs. Juan Martin del Potro (7)

I think Nadal completes a remarkable comeback by defeating a player who has given him some trouble.  Delpo is obviously on a roll beating Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic in succession.  For JMDP to win he will need to serve big so that he holds routinely.  That would give JMDP the opportunity to take big swings and pressure Rafa’s serve.  I don’t think that happens.  Rafa is showing just why he is one of the greatest ever.  He was dominating last Spring and early Summer.  He gets hurt and misses 7 months.  He comes back and is winning at a high rate again.


Maria Sharapova (2) vs. Caroline Wozniacki (8)

Wozniacki is making a move back toward the top 5.  That is a great story, but it is hard for me to pick a player who lives and dies on her opponent’s mistakes.  Sharapova may lose, but her play is going to determine who wins.  I’ll take the agressor to take the title.


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