Nadal & Federer’s 30th Match: Prediction

Federer vs. Nadal 30

In 2006, these two men staged one of the best matches of their rivalry in Rome.  Nadal prevailed in 5 electrifying sets.  In 2013, the two meet again in Rome in the championship match.  They have played enough times that we roughly know what to expect.  Federer will need to serve well, and he has served well this week.  Annacone might have added a wrinkle or two  in terms of returning Nadal’s serve up the line a little more frequently, but this match will come down to how well Roger’s backhand holds up to Nadal’s high bounding topspin and unrelenting consistency.  Roger has had a great week and more or less proven that the tales of his career winding down were premature.  Still, if I am to predict this match, I will pick Nadal in straight sets.  Given their history (particularly one-sided on clay) and given their 2013 form, Nadal winning somewhere along the lines of 6-4, 6-3  seems like the logical pick.

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