Interview with Venus Williams

It is a little bit later than I had hoped, but here is the link to my time in a press conference with Venus Williams on August 12, 2013.  I have been in press conferences with multiple top 10 players and players who have won slams, but asking questions of a 5 time Wimbledon champion and 4 time gold medalist was pretty cool.

Venus Williams 8-12-2013 Credit David McCaskill
Venus Williams 8-12-2013 Credit David McCaskill


My question and Venus’ answer:

Q.  You mentioned your parents.  What advice would you give both the parents and the people getting into professional tennis in terms of the role family should play in terms of guiding a career? (I did edit out a typo made by the stenographer)
VENUS WILLIAMS:  I think the more normal a family you have, the easier.  And let’s face it, most families aren’t normal.  Every family has its idiosyncrasies, mine included.
Everybody’s got the crazy uncle or whatever.  But you have to just be supportive and be positive.  I think for parents it’s so important.  So much can be done with positive support than with negativity.
There’s no magic equation.  There’s so many people who want to make it but can’t.  I think the most important thing about sport is what it teaches you in your life.  Whether you go pro or college or just play for high school, the things you can learn from it and apply to your life are crucial.


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