Power Ranking 2013: Wrapping Up the Year

Power Ranking 2013 #15

1.  Novak Djokovic – I agree with the computer rankings.  They offer an accurate representation of points earned from the start to the finish of 2013.  A power ranking takes that into account as well as the current state of each player’s game.  Nole is riding a 22 match winning streak and has won all 4 sets he has played against Rafa since the US Open ended.  Nole won the World Tour Finals, 2 Masters 1000 events and a 500 level event.  That is enough to improbably reclaim the top spot in my power ranking. Change since last ranking +1

2.  Rafael Nadal – I said Rafa had locked up the #1 slot on my Power Ranking for 2013 after the US Open.  Rafa has played fine since the US Open posting runner-up finishes in London and Beijing and semifinal finishes in Shanghai and Paris.  Still, Nole is riding too high right now not to edge him out for the top spot.  Change since last ranking – 1

3.  Andy Murray – Has anyone been so missed in his absence.  Ferrer and JMDP had passed him, but posted a combined 1-5 record in World Tour Finals round robin play.  Murray jumps two spots precisely because after London it is clear that he is the only player within shouting distance of Nadal and Djokovic and he has not played since early September.  The tour needs a healthy Murray!  Change since last ranking +2

4.  Roger Federer – Sure Federer went 2-2 at the World Tour Finals, but he took a set off of Nole and beat JMDP for the second consecutive event.  Those two wins mean that he has to jump Delpo.  Ferrer losing all 3 matches means that Federer has to jump the other Spaniard.  That means after all of this I am ending the year with the Big 4 as the Top 4.  How?!  Well, I guess even an old or injured player who has a certain talent level to consistently challenge Rafa or Nole is someone who finishes ahead of players who cannot as of yet challenge.  Murray is a legitimate challenge and Federer, if healthy, has more consistent days than the other contenders even if he is unlikely to log wins vs. Rafa or Nole.  Change since last ranking +2

5.  Juan Martin del Potro – Coming out of Tokyo and Shanghai, I felt that Delpo was on the cusp.  I felt that way after Wimbledon and DC as well.  JMDP won Basel, but his loss to Federer in Paris followed by being robbed leave the sensitive big man (is there a nicer guy in the top 10?) in a bit of a lurch.  He pushed Nole and Federer to 3 sets in London, but I just hope that he can start to consolidate some of his good patches and turn out a great season in 2014.  By great season, I mean no lulls or strange down stretches.   Change since last ranking – 1

6.  David Ferrer – London was not a good week for Ferrer.  Change since last ranking – 3

7.  Stanislas Wawrinka – Stan won 2 matches in London and seems to be making some in roads on staying close versus Nadal.  He has an interesting set of prospects in 2014.  His round robin win over Ferrer nearly have Stan in the #6 slot.

8.  Tomas Berdych – The Big Czech beat Ferrer and played admirably versus Nadal. He ends 2014 on an up note, but like Delpo he has to avoid lulls in 2014.  Berdych has been a known commodity since the 2004 Olympic games!  I’d like to see a sustained push toward the top 5 before his career ends.  Change since last ranking +1

9.  Milos Raonic – Milos has had a nice year.  He has an elite shot in his serve.  Is he willing to pay the price to become mentally and physically tougher and build a game around his serve?  The jury is out, but he can push forward by building on his solid summer and fall showings in January 2014.  Change since last ranking +1

10.  Richard Gasquet – He had some moments in London, but going 0-3 has Gasquet finishing his best year still looking up at his contemporaries.  Change since last ranking -2

Biggest Mover: David Ferrer dropped 3 slots.

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