Tennis Analogs for NCAA Sweet 16 Teams

As a Kentucky native, I grew up loving basketball.  When my Skyhook was not matched with a 7’2″ frame, I began to drift toward other sports.  In 1985 at 9 years of age, I saw Boris Becker win Wimbledon.  I was hooked.  To be able to combine ATP Tennis with the NCAA Sweet 16 is a labor of love.  This season of college hoops has produced no team that has dominated the field therefore no school will be Nadal, Federer or Djokovic.  Here goes:

Florida vs. UCLA = Andy Murray vs. Stanislas Wawrinka

Florida is Andy Murray because they are they best team in the field and on paper should win this tournament.  Still, something about Florida does not have me sold on their title chances.  UCLA is Wawrinka because they could beat Florida just as Wawrinka beat Murray at the 2013 US Open.

Dayton vs. Stanford = Jurgen Melzer vs. Pablo Andujar

Dayton is Melzer as each has sprung some big upsets.  Stanford is Andujar because the Cardinal could ride a favorable draw to the Final Four.

Virginia vs. Michigan State =

Richard Gasquet vs. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

Virginia is Gasquet because it is hard to make the ranking/seeding match their historic results.  Skepticism and talent are there.  Michigan State is Jo-Wilfried Tsonga as they can run roughshod over an opponent, but have had mysteriously patchy results as well.

Iowa State vs. Connecticut = Juan Martin del Potro vs. Marin Cilic

Iowa State is Juan Martin del Potro because injuries are sadly part of the story. UConn is Marin Cilic as each has had a recent brush with the law and each is playing better than expected.

Arizona vs. San Diego State = John Isner vs. Tommy Haas

Earlier in the season, Arizona might have been Andy Murray.  Their seeding is high like Isner’s ranking, but is something missing?  San Diego State is Haas because like ASU’s coach Steve Fisher, Haas is still getting it done after many years.

 Baylor vs. Wisconsin = Ernests Gulbis vs. Tommy Robredo

Baylor is Gulbis as they are talented and unpredictable.  Wisconsin is steady like Robredo.  Wisconsin road a home court edge to comeback on Oregon. They cannot afford to get behind vs. Baylor.

Kentucky vs. Louisville = Grigor Dmitrov vs. David Ferrer

Kentucky is Dimitrov because the Wildcats have massive reservoirs of talent and have pulled off a few big wins, but the youngsters from Lexington have also had a hard time posting consistent results.  Louisville is Ferrer because they are fit, supremely prepared and lack perhaps the big weapons (that say Louisville 2013 had) needed to win the tournament.

I couldn’t help it

Tennessee vs. Michigan = Kevin Anderson vs. Tomas Berdych

Tennessee is Kevin Anderson because they may not look like they should be in the final 16 yet have posted many wins when it counts most.  Michigan is Berdych because they can be overwhelming, but do they have the nuance needed to win every round?




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  1. Well done on the comparison of Tennis and the NCAA tournament aka March Madness!!

    I have this comparison: It shouldn’t be call the first round, it should be call qualifying round to the main draw like in tennis. That is the way I see it, I don’t even count it as a tournament round.

    I follow both Tennis and College Basketball and both are one and two in my list. Here is my breakdown:
    Tennessee vs Michigan: Time for Cinderella (Tennessee) to go home and the shoe that it will leave behind it will be a memory engrained in our minds. Michigan St. will establish seeding order.

    Kentucky vs Louisville: as much as I like the Cardinals the Wildcats have their number I see the Cats advancing.

    Baylor vs Wisconsin: if the Oregon/Wisconsin game would have been played in a true neutral stadium Wisconsin would be planning for next year. The first ten minutes of Oregon/Wisconsin game was awesome going toe to toe in a high pace game. I give the edge to Baylor they have nothing to lose nor to prove which will make them play relax.

    Arizona vs San Diego St. not sold on either team, I take Arizona cause they are better. This is the same Aztec team that lost in the second round last year and took over time to defeat New Mexico St. in the second round this year. Sean Miller > Steve Fisher

    Iowa St. vs UCONN I take the Huskies. I saw the Cyclones be inconsistent throughout the season and the victory of UCONN over their old Big East rival Villanova will inject more energy and hunger to the Huskies. BTW I never liked one man teams.

    Virgina vs Michigan St. IMO Virgina is the most overrated number one in this tournament. I don’t like the Cavaliers I take Tom Izzo and the Spartans.

    Florida vs UCLA: I have them winning the whole thing but the experts pick them to win it all too which means they will not win the title. I agree with you UCLA can upset them, I hate UCLA! But this match up scares me.

    Stanford vs Dayton: To make clear Aaron Craft lost that game for Ohio St. he was defending in the last possession of Dayton and he got scored on. He asked for the ball in the final play the team gave him the ball and he missed the last shot. I hate Stanford don’t want to see them win and I don’t want to hear the Miller kids are taking over college basketball – Archie Miller coach of Dayton being the brother of Arizona’s coach Sean Miller – Taking the lesser of two evils I take Dayton.

    Then again the way my brackets went everyone should be betting against my picks. 😛

    1. Dan Martin says:

      My brackets are largely destroyed as well. I think with your hoops knowledge I might have made better analogs but I can’t follow hoops as much as I once did – I think MSU and Michigan are both playing well

  2. Mike Swanquis says:

    Craft didn’t lose the game…only a hater would suggest as much. Nonetheless, glad to see the Flyers/Melzer continue their run–Elite Eight!

    1. Dan Martin says:

      I agree they look a bit faster than Melzer though

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