You have to watch this fantastic French Open dance-off

For The Win

Somehow avoiding what would have been the first break-dance related injury at the French Open, world No. 24 and consummate showman Gael Monfils regaled the homeland crowd with an on-court dance-off during Saturday’s Kids’ Day.

Though 19-year-old Laurent Lokoli did a fine job in the dance battle, it was Monfils who stole the show, first with a nimble one-handed cartwheel.


Then Monfils broke out this move, which looks like the Bill Cosby dance as interpreted by The Matrix.


Monfils is so fragile you’d think doing one-handed acrobatics before one of the biggest tournaments of the year wouldn’t be advisable. But that’s Gael Monfils: When there’s a crowd to be entertained, he’s going to entertain them. Novak Djokovic knows what we’re talking about.

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 3.06.19 PM

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