Andy Roddick Tweets Up Some Controversy on Monfils

The thing about Andy Roddick being in the press I like most is that he will be bluntly honest when it comes to tennis.  Even if I disagree with him, having a straight shooter on tennis will be nice.  Too often commentators have conflicting interests due to professional ties with the USTA, ATP, WTA, ITF, LTA and/or WCTU to say much about prize money, a national federation’s lack of a development program, or anything else of note. Instead, we often get milquetoast from television commentators.  Roddick not being solely tied into tennis as a broadcaster means that short of his eventual Davis Cup captaincy he has few of these entangling conflicts.  Roddick did amend his tweet to praise Monfils’ climb back into the match (see below).  Blunt honesty is something tennis commentators should explore.  Roddick seems to be trailblazing in this regard.

PS – Of course, Murray won the 5th set 6-0, and Roddick tweeted this:

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