Who is the Greatest Male Grass Court Player of the Open Era? (POLL)

This is 2 years old, but Federer picking up a 14th Grass Court title warranted a repost!

Tennis Abides: Dan Martin on Tennis and Life

Martina Navratilova seems to have locked up the female honor here.  Consider the following cases before voting and of course comment below.

  • Bjorn Borg – 5 consecutive Wimbledon titles, 1 Wimbledon runner-up finish, 6 consecutive Wimbledon final rounds reached, 2 Wimbledon quarterfinal finishes
  • Pete Sampras – 7 Wimbledon titles, 7-0 in Wimbledon finals, 1 Wimbledon semifinal finish, 1 Wimbledon quarterfinal finish, 2 Queen’s Club titles, 2 Queen’s Club runner-up finishes
  • Roger Federer – 7 Wimbledon titles, 5 consecutive titles, 6 consecutive Wimbledon final rounds reached, 1 Wimbledon runner-up finish, 3 Wimbledon quarterfinal finishes, 5 Halle titles, 2 Halle runner-up finishes [Update: Adding the last two Halle titles and an Olympic Silver medal on grass helps Roger’s resume]

Does Pete’s 7-0 record out pace Roger’s slightly deeper run on grass?  Does Borg’s success on grass despite not being an all-court player or serve an volley player boost him to the…

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