US Open 2014: Quick Hits Dimitrov and Goffin Serve Up Fun

I wish I could do more of this type of writing for Tennis Abides, but I am finishing a major project for graduate school so through the end of 2014 my writing has to be strategic in terms of how much time I can dedicate.

  • Grigor Dimitrov and the youthful David Goffin put on a fun match for fans in NY.  Each man made some incredible shots and a few bad errors.  Still, the match had the feeling of an old school shootout as neither was blasting the other off of the court with big serves.  Dimitrov prevailed despite letting a two break lead evaporate in the 3rd set.  We need more matches like this.
  • Caroline Wozniacki won a huge match and seems to be firmly back in the mix of the women’s tour.  Her 3 set win over Maria Sharapova seemed to be a triumph of superior fitness in the 3rd set.  Sharapova was not dying on court, but Wozniacki seemed to be in first set form throughout the third set despite the humid conditions.  
  • Roger Federer avoided needing to play on back-to-back days with an evening victory after a slow start.

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