The Definitive Comparison: Federer vs. Dimitrov

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The Tennis Island

Ever since Grigor Dimitrov burst onto the scene seven years ago, he’s been ceaselessly compared to one Roger Federer.

Some have been highly critical of the parallels made between the two, but before anything is said, it’s essential to recognize that no two tennis players on the planet are exactly alike. While there are many players who have similarities in stroke production or style of play, everyone in the game is a unique entity.

With that in mind, let’s begin by talking about how Dimitrov and Federer are alike.

In terms of technique, the two do mirror one another from the back of the court. When it comes to hitting stances, racket head preparation, size/shape of the backswing, average contact point, and overall swing path, Federer and Dimitrov hit the ball in quite similar fashion off both sides. Both use a pretty conservative eastern backhand grip; off the forehand…

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