DDP Yoga for Tennis Week 2 Review

Healthy: No Hamstring Issues

April 8 – I did the Diamond Dozen

April 9 – I did the Diamond Dozen

April 10 – After my hamstring injury, I was able to enter into a full week of tennis and DDP Yoga.  I did an hour of tennis drills for the first time since my injury.  I felt quite limber.  This helped my volleys and especially my overhead.  Beyond that, I felt like my wind was better.  The only thing I did not notice a big difference with was my footwork.  It was not worse, but it was also not better.  I think residual benefits of DDP Yoga such as weight loss will eventually make my footwork better so I wanted to note that now. DDP Yoga is done from stationary positions so one should not expect it to function like jumping rope for tennis footwork.

April 11 – I did 20 minutes of my own combination of DDP Yoga moves/poses as I did not want to wake anyone by playing the video.

April 12 – I did the Diamond Dozen

April 13 – I did my own combination again.

April 14 – I took a day off

  • Tennis Benefits from Week 2:  A looser spine and shoulders helped me strike the ball more freely. This was especially true on my overhead and volleys.
  • Conditioning Benefits from Week 2: Increased flexibility and stamina was noticable
  • Weight Loss from Week 2: 3 lbs/1.36 kg

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mike Swanquis says:

    Well I’ve gained 5 lbs in three weeks since this foot energy, so I guess the universe really does provide a natural balance.

    1. Dan Martin says:

      LOL I think you’d need to gain a lot more to gain all that I need to lose.

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