How Big Can Tennis Abides Get?

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 11.19.25 PM

This map reflects countries from which Tennis Abides has had visitors as of 4-19-2015

I launched my own tennis site during the 2011 US Open.  It has been a lot of fun and resulted in some unexpected moments.  Jon Wertheim has referenced Tennis Abides a few times.  Jimmy Connors and Brad Gilbert have sent me a few tweets.  I’ve covered Masters Cincinnati on multiple occasions.  I was interviewed by Lachlan McLean on a “clear channel” AM radio station during the 2015 Australian Open.  I even reviewed Thorlos socks.  This has been quite fun, and I owe many thanks to my readers.

My traffic has grown organically each year I’ve run this site except for 2013, the year my middle child received an autism diagnosis. That year saw a drop off in my writing frequency.  I am on track to have an over 30% increase in readership this year over my best year 2014.  Once again this leads me to feeling gratitude to my readers.

I have frequented several sites that have exploded in terms of traffic.  Kentucky Sports Radio represents one of the greatest success stories for a sports related website.  Cinemassacre has also been a huge success that even resulted in a crowd funded movie staring James Rolfe’s creation the Angry Video Game Nerd.  I am not sure the silver screen is in my future, but I will be considering how and why these two sites have done so well.

What To Expect

  • I will again cover Masters Cincinnati
  • I will try to cover the challenger event in Lexington, KY this summer
  • I will do more youtube vlogs/podcasts
  • I will try to interview more people involved in tennis
  • I will seek out more radio opportunities

I have to keep innovating because I am not going to get a visitor from Greenland by standing still. Whatever I do, I will keep having fun with tennis.

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