Preternatural Petra Kvitova Wins Madrid


Petra Kvitova is the biggest enigma in women’s tennis.  We’ve seen Petra struggle with her health and lose to players with far less talent.  We’ve also seen Petra play two nearly flawless Wimbledon finals, win a year end championship with guts and brilliance, and now demolish her semifinal and championship opponents at Madrid.  Given that Serena Williams was her semifinal opponent, this was no small task. Petra strikes the ball incredibly cleanly and has a lefty serve that can paralyze her opponents.  Her talent level is off the charts.

Zoning vs. A GOAT Candidate is Something

I am not sure how often we will see Petra at this level.  Selfishly, I hope her health and mental outlook materialize in such a way that she plays at this level quite often.  However, even if she does not, she reached what Bill Simmons would call the pantheon level with her play at Wimbledon and now at Madrid. She reached a level few ever will.  That is something worth enjoying as a tennis fan.

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