Pat Hickey: Vasek Pospisil lives up to his reputation as a nice guy

Insights into Casek Pospisil from the Montreal Gazette

Montreal Gazette

After trading shots with Vasek Pospisil on Monday, I’m looking forward to playing in the Canadian Seniors Tennis Championships next week because I know nobody in the 70-and-over group will hit the ball as hard as Pospisil.

I was one of a handful of media members who had a chance to hit with Pospisil at the Rogers Cup as part of a promotion for the National Bank’s On the Ball program.

Pospisil lived up to his reputation as a nice guy by adjusting his play to the level of the competition, although he did crank up his big serve on request. My success rate was about the same Montreal mayor Denis Coderre’s when he attempted to return Milos Raonic’s boomer last week at Jarry Park.

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I got my racket on one of Pospisil’s two serves — a third went into the net — but I was spared the embarrassment…

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