Cincinnati 2015: Roger Federer vs. Andy Murray Semifinal Prediction

[2] Roger Federer (SUI) vs [3] Andy Murray (GBR)

Roger Federer leads their head-to-head 13-11 despite trailing in their series of matches for most of their careers.  Federer has won 4 consective matches versus Andy Murray to take an overall lead in their clashes.  Federer holds a 5-1 edge in Grand Slam matches.  Murray dominated their 2012 gold medal match at the London Games.  Both men possess a great deal of variety, but they employ variety in a different manner.

Andy Murray is 6’3″ and is quite fast.  Murray has a powerful first serve.  However, Murray uses his variety to be tremendous counter-puncher who at times dictates play despite it not being his preference.

Roger Federer is a player who wants to dictate play.  Sometimes as his career has progressed this desire to dictate has led to Federer committing a multitude of errors.

Still, Federer has added a new wrinkle in Cincinnati that tips my prediction.  Roger is taking second serves extremely early and attacking the net.  I think Andy Murray’s sometimes creeky second serve plus the possibility of match weariness from last week’s title in Montreal all tip this match ever so slightly in Roger Federer’s favor.

My Prediction: Roger Federer d. Andy Murray 7-6, 7-5


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