US Open 2015: Serena Williams vs. Venus Williams Quarterfinal Prediction


Venus Williams vs. Serena Williams

I think the dynamics of this match-up may be one of the least understood stories in all of sports.  Martina Navratilova recently stated that a player naturally develops a degree of antipathy toward his or her biggest rivals.  In 2000, these two squared off for a shot at the Wimbledon final.  From July 2000 through July 2009, Serena and Venus were regularly facing off in major events.  Serena has defeated Venus in the championship round of all 4 majors.  Venus has defeated Serena at least once at 3 of the 4 majors.  Yet, they have combined to win 3 gold medals in olympic doubles play.  Serena and Venus have also combined to win 13 career majors in doubles. They have been rivals to be sure, but they have also always been close on tour and have often served as hitting partners for one another during their respective careers.

How does one manage to seek her own fortunes while simultaneously inflicting defeats upon a loved one?  That is a hard thing to figure.

What I do think is Serena is the better player in general.  Her stroke mechanics are smooth whereas Venus’ shots have hitches in them.  Serena’s form is less likely to breakdown.  Venus is currently playing some of the best tennis we’ve seen from her in recent years.  Venus’ first serve and forehand give her a chance at an upset. Also, the psychology of Serena pursuing a Grand Slam in 2015 while having to face her sister is an X factor.  Having said all of that, Serena is the better player and the better player tends to win more often than not.

My Predictions – Serena Williams d. Venus Williams 6-4, 6-2 

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  1. I once heard John McEnroe talk about how difficult was to play his brother; I can only imagine. I do agree with what you said, this year the trend is that Serena has slow starts in Grand Slams, from QF she goes into super turbo and runs over her opponents. I think Venus will run out of gas and it will be another quick victory for Serena.

    1. Dan Martin says:

      I heard McEnroe say something about this after Wimbledon this year when they panned to Venus in the crowd. It cannot be easy.

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