Roger and Novak

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Roger Federer at 34 is such a unique quality.  Not only is his tennis on fire, but even off the court, one sees he is such a positive source of leadership for the tour.  Listening to players refer to him, through-out the fortnight, with such reverence was a great reminder of this regality and wisdom he has about the sport of tennis.

Think of this recent rivalry between Federer and Djokovic and what affect this is having on Novak.  Does Federer add any class to Djokovic’s recent major championships?  In the end, a championship is a championship, but there’s an obvious historical weight to the affair when it involves even an aging Federer.  The stakes are raised.  Djokovic should thank Federer.  This has so much more meaning than if Novak is beating one of the aspiring ATP undercards.


Federer is, in a way, Djokovic’s mentor.  Djokovic is tested by him; in…

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