Lendl Lesson on Coaching

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I can remember growing up despising Ivan Lendl.  He seemed inhuman as he played the role of Terminator in vanquishing my tennis heroes at the U.S. Open.  Though I always had great respect and admiration for his talent and skill.

However, I now have learned a new side from him and gained a greater appreciation for his wisdom.  All tennis coaches should read the piece entitled “Reflections of a Champion” in Tennis Magazine, Lendl made a profound statement explaining why he’s experienced great success tutoring Andy Murray.

“You don’t have to worry about 15 other guys. I don’t think that’s why he (Murray) hired me, but it was valuable experience, because I was able to run practices for three guys, not 20 guys. If you take, I don’t know, a guy is No. 25 in the world, you can make him better, but you have to work generally with him

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