Nadal beats Rosol in roller-coaster round one match in Basel!

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Rafael Nadal and Lukas Rosol do have history. Rosol did beat Nadal at Wimbledon a few years ago in an epic five match battle however Nadal has won their last two meetings with the last being at Wimbledon last year but who would win their 4th encounter?

Rosol began the match very strongly with a hold of serve to love and Nadal followed up with a hold of serve despite some pressure from Rosol who began with a lovely forehand cross court winner and then held serve to love for the second game running!

Rosol continued to target the backhand corner of Nadal well getting to 30-30 and Nadal on the next point decided to run around the backhand to go for the forehand cross court but ended up slicing it into the net giving Rosol a break point which he took after another error from Nadal!

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