Creating Frankenstein’s Monsters of Tennis

For late October, a blast from the past.

Tennis Abides: Dan Martin on Tennis and Life

The Inspiration

Every October James Rolfe reviews one monster movie per day in his Monster Madness feature.  This year he started off with Frankenstein.  I thought it would be fun to stitch together the best shots in tennis and imagine animating these amalgamation players.

The Rules

Four tennis monsters will be created.  Only one stroke/aspect can be used from a given player.  The four monsters will be right handed players with one-handed backhands, right handed players with two-handed backhands, left handed players with one-handed backhands and left handed players with two-handed backhands.

Right Handed Players w/ One-Handed Backhands

1st Serve – Richard Krajicek

2nd Serve – Pete Sampras

Return of Serve – Ivan Lendl

Backhand – Gustavo Kuerten

Forehand – Roger Federer

Net Play – Stefan Edberg

Overhead – Boris Becker

Pete Sampras gets the second serve slot because it is the most important shot in tennis, and Pete…

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