WTA Tour Finals 2015: Kvitova vs. Radwanska Prediction

Between time spent on graduate school and the time difference between Kentucky and Singapore, I have not said much about this event.  I am interested in the results even if Serena shut her season down.


Agnieszka Radwanska vs. Petra Kvitova

These two have met 3 times at this event.  Kvitova leads 2-1, but Radwanska won their only match in Singapore with Petra’s two wins coming in Istanbul. Their overall head-to-head is 6-2 in favor of Kvitova, but most of their matches have been reasonably close.  This is a match that will feature a contrast in styles. Kvitova is 6′, left-handed, and at her best puts forth an unstoppable barrage of offense.  Radwanska is 5’8″, right-handed, and wins through defense and counter-punching.

My prediction hinges on this contrast.  Kvitova just needs to play well to win.  Her serve and shot-making skills can dictate if she plays well.  Radwanska needs to play well and also hope Kvitova is not playing particularly well.  Kvitova has a more direct path to victory.  Also, a Kvitova victory would mesh well with her display in Madrid this year in terms of Perta seemingly being on the cusp of great things in tennis only to be excellent sporadically.  For the sake of tennis fans, I hope Petra has these excellent moments more often in 2016.

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