World Tour Finals 2015: Roger Federer vs. Tomas Berdych Prediction

Roger Federer vs. Tomas Berdych

Roger Federer won Basel, but his other two tournaments after the US Open were less than stellar.  Tomas Berdych started 2015 playing some of the most consistent tennis of his career and also added a few nice wins after the US Open.  I think Roger wins this match, but he will need to return well and keep Berdych from dictating off of his serve and return.  Berdych conversely needs to control points with big first strikes.  These men have played 20 times with Federer winning 14 of those matches.  That seems about right as I think Roger has around a 70% chance to win this match.  Roger has two straight set victories in 2015 over Berdych, but an indoor court is somewhat favorable for Berdych relative to Roger’s game.

My Prediction: Roger Federer d. Tomas Berdych 7-6, 6-3


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