Davis Cup 2015: Day 3 Predictions


#16 David Goffin vs. #2 Andy Murray

Andy Murray has set his team and himself up for winning the Davis Cup at the conclusion of this match.  Goffin is a tough opponent.  However, Murray has been through enough wars and even got to see some of Goffin’s shot making up close on this court for 4 sets of doubles. Murray may be tired after playing 7 sets over 2 days, but Goffin has played 9 sets over the same 2 day period.  Goffin can take the ball early and rob time from anyone, but Murray’s game is overall stronger than Goffin’s.  The three of five set format benefits the superior player as a hot hand or hot crowd tend to disolve over time.  Also, clay may not help Goffin hold versus Murray’s return game.  Murray won Madrid and lost in 5 sets in the Roland Garros semifinal.  Clay is not necessarily aiding Goffin in this match.  I think Murray makes good and wins this match.

My Prediction: Andy Murray d. David Goffin 6-3, 3-6, 6-4, 6-2

#106 Ruben Belemens vs. #100 Kyle Edmund

These two are ranked quite closely.  If it comes down to this match, I think the home crowd and Edmund dealing with the hangover of dropping the first match from two sets ahead mean that Belemens would win the match and Davis Cup for Belgium.

(If it matters) My Prediction: Ruben Belemens d. Kyle Edmund 6-4, 7-5, 6-1


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