Twitter and Tennis Abides

 Boris Becker retweeted this – I asked my parents to put me in a tennis clinic right after Becker won Wimbledon in 1985 so this is a major thrill for me

The Twitterverse has been kind to Tennis Abides

When I first linked my twitter account to Tennis Abides, I had unrealistic thoughts such as “I have 200 followers.  When I make this post, at least 100 will click on it.”  Once I gained a better idea of how twitter worked and how it did not work, I have to say it has been a major boost for Tennis Abides.  I am able to interact with readers as well as other tennis writers.  I am friends with writers such as ESPN’s Howard Bryant and Bijan C. Bayne.  Mr. Bayne and I have communicated about virtually every topic under the sun.

I have had the dinstinct excitement of having Jimmy Connors tweet to me and Boris Becker retweet me. I’ve had a few twitter interactions with Brad Gilbert, Jon Wertheim, and Patrick McEnroe.  Kentucky’s own Eric Quigley and I have also corresponded over a possible interview.  All in all twitter has been as fun for me as it has been helpful for my site.

Non-Tennis Twitter Interactions of Note

I have had two really fun twitter interactions that had nothing to do with tennis.  First, James Rolfe of fame took my suggestion on what to carve with his final pumpkin of the recent Halloween season.

The suggestion above and the finished product below

Second, George Foreman gave a brief answer to a question I sent him.

Twitter gives all of us a chance to interact with people whose interests we share.  It allows for intant and unfiltered feedback to take place.  The medium is not perfect, but I sure have enjoyed it.


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