Can My Tennis Game Be Saved?

Earlier this year, I started a program reviewing how DDP Yoga helps or fails to help tennis players.  I planned poorly as I had pulled my hamstring playing tennis one week prior to trying to improve my flexibility, strength, and conditioning.  I did not stick with this program as my leg was simply too hurt to do much of anything.  While weather is unseasonably warm in the Ohio River Valley, I cannot play indoor tennis too often (if ever) these days.  That leaves me in a lurch of having played very little tennis recently and not having improved my fitness level either.

My Mission:

That leaves me with the mission of trying to get myself ready for tennis prior to the spring so that I can salvage what was once a decent level of tennis play.  I fear that if I do not reclaim my tennis game soon that I will be playing old man tennis rather than joking about old man tennis.

My Circumstances/Obstacles:

I have gained 30 pounds/13.6 KG since one of my sons was diagnosed with autism 3 years ago.  This extra weight has negatively impacted my court coverage and endurance.  I have three children whose ages range from 7 to 2 years old.  There well-being is a higher priority than this mission as well.  My 5-year-old son has classic autism and his care is an obvious priority that is higher than my tennis game.  Finding time and funds for playing tennis prior to weather improving is unlikely.

My Plan:

On November 30, I put a plan in place to rescue my tennis game prior to spring 2016.

  • Increase my daily activity – Holidays are notorious for weight gain, but I am not willing to add to the 30 pounds I need to shed. My daily diet is actually quite healthy, but my activity level has been an issue.  I have set a benchmark on my pedometer that will increase each week of December.  To this point, I have met my bench mark for each day.  These benchmarks will hopefully be a floor for my daily activity.
  • Work on my hand eye coordination – If I can find time and warm weather, I will work on my tennis game with a wall or a partner for drilling.  If I cannot, I will engage in actions such as juggling or hitting a soft 10 and Under Tennis ball against my indoor walls (ideally without inciting a furniture riot from my children).
  • I will follow the 90 Day DDP Yoga workout plan that I foolishly attempted with a bad hamstring.  My hamstring is fine now and this workout has a lot of benefits.   This should leave me lighter, stronger, and more flexible by the end for February when weather is starting to improve.
  • Play tennis as often and as soon as spring weather arrives.

This plan should have me ready to reclaim my tennis game.  I am optimistic that my best tennis is in front of me, but that will not be true if I do not knock years of rust off of my game while also taking better care of my conditioning.


I will post weekly updates between now and the end of February to see where my reclamation project stands.  


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