The Australian Open Fast Facts

Fun facts heading into the first major of 2016

Tennis Season is almost upon us! From January 18 -31st the best of the best tennis superstars will rally it out for the Grand Slam title at The Australian Open.

To get you into the swing of it, here are some fun fast facts we bet you didn’t know :

1. Marius Copil sent the fastest serve of the tournament at 242 km/h in 2015.

2. Serena Williams served 88 aces, the highest in the women’s singles draw in 2015.

3. A record 55k sandwiches and baguettes were sold in 2014.

4. Over the duration of the 2015 tournament, there was a record 14.3m unique visitors to

5. 2014 saw record temperatures at the tournament, reaching 43.9°C (110°F). Almost 1,000 fans were treated for heat exhaustion and both Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Corline Wozniacki mentioned that their shoes and water bottles were beginning to melt at times.

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