My Memories of Lleyton Hewitt

A deep cut from my past (less than 3 weeks ago)

Tennis Abides: Dan Martin on Tennis and Life

I first heard of Lleyton Hewitt when reading sports capsules about Australian Open tune-up events in 1998.  A hometown kid named Lleyton Hewitt upset Andre Agassi who was launching his comeback from a poor 1997 campaign.  I thought either this kid is really good or Agassi has a lot of work in front of him in 1998.  Hewitt went on to win his first ATP title so I figured the kid was pretty good.

A lot of people tabbed this as the successor rivalry to Sampras-Agassi. It was a fun rivalry with lots of tension, but tennis produced a few more notable rivalries in the 2000s

Hewitt started reaching deep rounds and even winning some smaller events as 1999 and 2000 progressed.  Hewitt lost to Boris Becker in Becker’s surprise 1999 Wimbledon appearance.  Questions emerged regarding Hewitt’s slight stature and the 3 of 5 set nature of major events.  Hewitt…

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