Is Raonic the second coming of Sampras?

An interesting opinion on Milos’ ahead of tonight’s big match. Also, this post includes some cool photos.

Grand Slam Magazine

4I3A0202 - Version 3

by Christopher Johnson —

Is Milos Raonic the second coming of Pete Sampras?

It’s still early in his career, and Milos hasn’t won a slam yet. Pete won 14 majors, including 7 at Wimbledon.

Yet Raonic, more than any other player on tour, is drawing comparisons with Sampras.

Raonic is increasingly charging the net and converting volleys from all sides, including stinging forehands and deft drop volleys from the backhand side. He’s also much improved at handling body blows (which used to tie him up) and low, dipping passing shots at his feet, which aren’t easy for a 6’5″ player.

His serve is becoming the greatest weapon in the game, and like Sampras, he can knock you backward with his second serve kickers as well. Milos also wields a powerful forehand, especially inside-out. Many players, such as Gael Monfils, are praising Raonic’s improved backhand returns as well.

Milos appears to…

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