Australian Open 2016: Women’s Final Live Blog

2-1 Kerber – 1 Break Lead to the Underdog

Kerber now has a bit of breathing room and has applied some scoreboard pressure to Serena Williams.  The crowd seems to be solidly behind the underdog so Kerber staying even or ahead makes the crowd a factor as well.

3-1 Kerber Lead

Early momentum is with Kerber as Serena held at love to open the match, and Kerber has won 3 straight games.  0-15 Kerber is making her return and left angles a factor early in the match.  0-30 and Serena UE total is an early concern.  A double break would not mean the set, but it would be close to that.  Serena gives a “Come On!” after getting it to 15-30.

 *Note my twitter timeline is ranging from Serena not giving up another game after getting this to deuce to some Serena fans wondering if she can win tonight – ah fans*

3-2 Kerber Leads by a Break

Serena holding from 1-3, 0-30 down is a sign that Serena is mentally dialed into the match.  Kerber still has to feel good being up a break and having gotten traction in 2 of 3 Serena service games.  Serena wrong foots Kerber to get to 30-30.  Kerber steals a point with a second serve and eventual UE from Serena for 40-30.  3 straight missed 1st serves lead to Serena’s first BP opportunity.

Tied 3-3 Serena to Serve

Kerber missed 4 straight 1st serves and won 25% of those points to drop serve from 40-30 up.  Serena’s 1st serve percentage dipped.  Kerber breaks again.

Kerber Leads 4-3 by 1 Break

Serena has 7 UEs to Kerber’s 1 at 30-15 Kerber.  Kerber making use of the body serve and Serena’s UE total (aided by Kerber’s retrieving) to take a 5-3 lead.

Kerber Leads 5-3

Serena’s 1st serve percentage and UE total are concerning to her backers at this point. Serena yelling, “Come On!”after every point.  Gamesmanship?  40-15 from 0-15.

Kerber Leads 5-4 to Serve for the 1st Set

Can Kerber hold her nerve and serve?  Will Williams dial back her error count?  Kerber gets to 30-0 with a scrappy forehand get that forced a tough volley.  40-0 after a longish rally elicits an error from Serena.

First Set to Kerber 6-4


Kerber victimizes a Serena 2nd serve to get to 0-15 and reversing the expected script.  15-15 after a let cord winner.  Serena big serve FH combo for 30-15 lead.

Kerber to Serve 6-4, 0-1

Serena got a routine hold and pressure may shift to the leader.  Serena strikes a great winner to get to 0-15.   Kerber hits a solid serve and then a nice FH pass attempt to get to 30-15.  30-30 after a big Serena swinging FH volley winner.  Kerber’s 2nd ace (!?) for 40-30.

Serena to Serve 4-6, 1-1

Serena with a big serve FH combo for a winner to go to 40-30.  Serena holds somewhat routinely.

Kerber to Serve 6-4, 1-2

Double fault starts the game 0-15.  Did Kerber open the flood gates? 0-30.  Another double fault leads to 0-40.  Kerber breaks a streak of 5 straight faults on the deuce side to get to 30-40.  Serena takes the break!

Serena to Serve 4-6, 3-1

Kerber scrambles to hit a FH pass winner for 0-15.  Another error leads to 0-30.

Kerber to Serve 6-4, 1-4

My feed has gone wonky … Serena has now won more games than Kerber.  Kerber to 15-15 with a nice forehand.  Ace by Kerber met by a BH winner by Serena for 30-30.

Serena to Serve 4-6, 4-2

This feels like a big game.  15-0 to Serena after a longish rally.  Serena’s winner makes it 30-0.  Ace for 40-0, make this big game look like Serena making her experience count. She is baring down to take this set even without everything clicking for her.  Kerber scrambles and elicits 2 errors to make it 40-30.  Sports … Serena carves a tricky backhand volley winner to take the game.

Kerber to Serve 6-4, 2-5

0-15 after Kerber barely misses a FH and loses a challenge.  Serena imposes her will with some big hitting for 0-30.  2 crafty serves get Kerber to 30-30.  A 4th ace from Kerber gets her to 40-30.  4 aces ?!?!

Serena to Serve 4-6, 5-3

A double fault leads to 15-15.  An ace for 30-15.  Nice eraser for Serena … Return error for 40-15 and double set point … Serena holds routinely despite missing some first serves.

Serena Williams takes Set 2 6-3

Kerber to Serve 6-4, 3-6

Kerber quickly to 30-0 after both players took a bathroom break.  Serena wins a fun point with a big forehand to get it to 40-15.  Kerber holds with a forehand pass winner.

Serena to Serve 4-6, 6-3, 1-0

Serena overcooks a forehand for 0-15.  Serena shanks a volley for 0-30.  This is a big spot in the match.  Serena plays a good point, but Kerber scrambles and scrambles until she gets a forehand passing shot winner for 0-40.  BBC announce team is finding unique ways to bring Andy Murray into the match comments.  Another lefty FH winner, and Kerber breaks!

Kerber to Serve 6-4, 3-6, 2-0

Kerber down 0-30 quickly despite Serena looking a bit disconcerted.  Kerber aces again for 15-30.  Serena hits an powerful return for 15-40.  Kerber saves one break point.  Serena breaks and lets loose with a “Come on!”

Serena to Serve 4-6, 6-3, 1-2

Kerber scrambles and again hits a winning forehand passing shot.  Serena hits a backhand winner for 15-15 and lets loose with a huge “Come on!”  And another “Come on!” … 30-15.  Serena crushes a winner for 40-15. Ace.

Kerber to Serve 6-4, 3-6, 2-2

Kerber to 15-0 after a Serena FH finds the top of the net.  More scrambling and a decent pass leading to a missed volley from Serena for 30-0.  Serena tunes a FH winner for 30-15.  Tension is rising as the finish line closes in for both players.  Another FH winner for 30-30.  Return error off of a softish second serve leads to 40-30.  Slider out wide for a hold.

Serena to Serve 4-6, 6-3, 2-3

An error from Serena makes it 0-15.  A forehand winner prevented Serena even having to hit a volley and makes it 15-15.  Net cord FH pass makes it 15-30.  Missed 1st serve and forehand winner lead to 15-40.  Point of the tournament as Serena wins a point with Kerber trying everything to stay in the point for 30-40.  Serena serves an ace for deuce! Kerber with a ridiculous angled return to set up another passing shot winner!  Ad-Out as we say … Backhand winner from Serena off of the line!  Insane level of tennis this game … Ace! for Ad-In as we say … Drop shot winner from Kerber for deuce!  Insane level so many winners from both players … double fault for Ad-Out … BH error from Kerber – both players level dropped a touch … deuce … Williams wins a point by coming forward.  Another insane drop shot for deuce!  Wow! Another double fault for Ad-Out … Forehand error and Kerber breaks!

Kerber Serving 6-4, 3-6, 4-2

Serena hits long for 15-0.  Serena hits long for the 3rd straight point and 30-0 for Kerber. Ace?!?! 40-0 … Forehand wide from Serena.

Serena Serving 4-6, 6-3, 2-5

Serena serving with new balls and overcooks two serves for a double fault.  0-15 … Serena tunes a forehand winner for 15-15.  Serena wins a net point for 30-15.  A great heavy baseline point ends with a Serena backhand in the net. 30-30 Serena strikes a huge service winner for 40-30.  Serena holds for 3-5.

Kerber Serving 6-4, 3-6, 5-3

Kerber served out the first set quite calmly, but this is a different kettle of fish.  0-15 Serena hits a deep return and elicits an error.  0-30 Serena pokes a backhand long.  15-30 Forehand winner from Serena for 15-40.  Service winner into the body for 30-40 … Serena hits a big return and elicits an error for the break!

Serena Serving 4-6, 6-3, 4-5

Heavy baseline point goes to Kerber 0-15 … Forehand error for 0-30 … Ace! for 15-30 … Serena hits a massive backhand winner for 30-30 … Serena another winner after some nervy stuff from both players for 40-30 … Big forehand return off of a softish second serve for deuce … Forehand into the net after a heavy baseline point and MATCH POIINT #1 Ad-Out … a long volley from Serena and KERBER wins the 2016 Australian Open!


Angelique Kerber defeats Serena Williams 6-4, 3-6, 6-4

Shriek after Error Count – 3 from Serena

Come On! Count – 10 from Serena, 4 from Kerber


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