Five reasons Djokovic will win the Grand Slam in 2016

I don’t necessarily agree as Novak went 5 w. Anderson at Wimbledon & saved break points in the 5th & went 5 with Gilles, but this makes a great case.

The tennis report

Is there a harder thing to do in sport?


Winning the Tour de France looks nothing short of self-induced pedal torture. Matching ‘the Don’s’ batting average has so far proven woefully impossible, and beating the All Blacks has been permanently placed in the ‘too hard basket’.

In tennis, winning the calendar year grand slam is the ultimate peak a player can possibly scale. Legends are made even when they collect them sporadically to achieve the ‘career-slam’.

Since the Open Era began in 1968, only one man has achieved the calendar-year grand slam. Djokovic was starting his 2016 bid in the very stadium named after him.

Rodney George Laver achieved the feat in 1969, having already done it before the Open Era in 1962. Back in those days, both the US Open and Australian Open were also played on grass along with Wimbledon, whilst the French Open remains the ultimate…

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