The five greatest talents of the Open Era

The tennis report

Who is the most talented?

It’s a question even the most reasonable of sports fans argue with childish, stubborn ferocity.

Across all sports, this all-important topic, which has never been answered with considerable agreement, has a special place in the pantheon of fan-based discussions.

There are few other sports that can claim to demand so many physical attributes from a player as does tennis. Speed, timing, balance, power, feel and technique must all be married together harmoniously to produce a world-class shot that can get rich old white men out of their seats in applause.

By definition, talent is ‘having a natural aptitude or skill’ (thanks Google), but even this simple criteria gets muddled in it’s application to various sports. However, the main problem isn’t just defining it.

The problem is measuring it.

Since lazy sports-scientists have yet to come up with a standardised unit of talent, die-hard tennis fans…

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