The Top 10 Male French Open Champions

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The Top 10 Male French Open Champions

  1. Rafael Nadal – This is no surprise as Rafa has played Roland Garros 11 times and won the event 9 times!  Rafa’s athleticism, competitive nature, and massive generation of top spin allow him to play clay court tennis with brutal efficiency.  Rafa has dominated this event as no one has ever dominated Roland Garros.  He has been so dominant that the incredible numbers of the number two player on this list are not close enough to make Rafa as #1 in Paris controversial.  I don’t really have words for describing what Rafa has accomplished on the clay courts in Paris.
  2. Bjorn Borg – Bjorn Borg was also a fast athlete and  tireless competitor who hit the ball with more topspin than his contemporaries.   Borg won Roland Garros 6 times and was able to grind down even the most stout baseline players.  Borg…

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