Cincinnati 2016: ATP Semifinal Predictions

Predicted Winners in BOLD

(1) Andy Murray VS (4) Milos Raonic – Milos has faced Andy Murray at the Australian Open semifinal, Queen’s Club final, and Wimbledon final.  In each case, Milos finished on the losing end of these encounters.  Can today be different?  It might.  Milos Raonic has increased his net attacks in 2016 to great benefit.  Raonic seems to play a very measured power game.  I think to beat Murray he may need to cut loose and simply bully/overpower Andy.  His measured style is generally good from a percentages standpoint.  However, against a player with Murray’s defensive skills, playing it safer, often just gives Andy more time to react to Milos’ natural power.  Milos could win, but Andy has not lost a match since the Roland Garros final.  Andy has also reached 6 consecutive tournament finals.  I think Andy reaches a 7th consecutive tournament final.

(12) Marin Cilic VS Grigor Dimitrov – Grigor is playing his best tennis since his promising 2014 campaign.  This display of good form has me thinking that Grigor could very well win this match.  Still, Marin is the best practitioner of big man tennis on the ATP Tour (JMDP would like to reclaim that title).  Marin may be due for some good wins given his solid form and near misses at Queen’s Club, Wimbledon, and the olympic games.


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