The Top 10 Male Australian Open Champions

Throwback Thursday: A Post that Looks Ahead to the First Major of 2017!

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This is the first installment in a series looking at the best performers at each Grand Slam event.  I will look at the 10 best champions on the male and female sides of Open Era tennis and explain why they are ranked where they are in my eyes.  Since this focuses on the Open Era, champions of prior eras will not be included.  This list is the most straight forward of the 4 majors as the list lines up neatly with the players holding the most titles and reaching the most final rounds.

The Top 10 Male Australian Open Champions

  1. Novak Djokovic – Novak Djokovic is first on this list because he not only holds a record 5 Australian Open titles, but Novak’s game seems perfectly suited to Plexicushion.  Djokovic won one of the greatest tennis matches ever by claiming the 2012 Australian Open title in a 5 set clash…

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