Madie Cook Interview: 4 Year NCAA Division 1 Player

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I will hopefully be doing more interviews as part of this site.  Madie Cook was kind enough to answer some questions about tennis.


1.  You won a Kentucky High School state title in singles in 12th grade.  What was that like?  Did it help you entering college tennis?

It was one of the best memories I have. At the time, it was the biggest accomplishment I had in my tennis career and I will never forget it. It gave me a lot of confidence before entering college. I was nervous about joining a new team with a bunch of older players, but having that on my back definitely made me feel like I was just as good as all of them.

2.  Given that St. Louis is not really near the Atlantic Ocean, did playing in the Atlantic 10 require a lot of travel to the east coast or did…

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