Australian Open 2017: Serena vs. Venus One More Time

Hey, let’s do this again in 2017

Championship Match:

Serena Williams vs. Venus Williams

Venus Williams holds 7 major singles titles and an 8th would be a great capstone for a career that shines.  Serena Williams is seeking sole possession of the all-time singles major total in the Open Era.  One way or another the Williams Sisters will leave Melbourne holding a combined 30 major singles titles!

If I push all of the history aside (no easy task), I see a finalist who holds 6 Aussie Open titles and who has not dropped a set.  I see another finalist playing outstanding tennis based upon her serve being a massive weapon.  My gut tells me Venus is on a roll and will play enough offense to force Serena into too many defensive postures.  Serena is good at defensive tennis, but she is better when dictating play.  So my gut says Venus caps an unexpected run to an 8th major title.

My gut is not the only thing I am consulting though.  Serena has at least as much momentum as Venus due to not dropping a set.  The reason her momentum might seem less imposing is that we expect Serena to win more easily than Venus.  Serena’s serve is a smoother motion than Venus’ and that could make a difference.  I cannot think of a single stroke from Serena I would expect to breakdown in a match more frequently than the corresponding stroke from Venus.  Serena also holds a head-to-head advantage that cannot be discounted.  Both are wonderful players who have made their mark in tennis history.  If they were not related Venus would likely be viewed as the 2nd or 3rd best player of their shared era.  Instead, they are often viewed as a unit with Serena being the face of the Williams Sisters.  As unfair as it is, I don’t see that general perception changing after this final.

My Prediction:  Serena Williams d. Venus Williams 7-6, 6-3


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