Tennis Opinions Given in High Speed

 I am not sure how the comic book version worked out debuting with an upset of Murray, but it is a cool idea

A Lot has Happened in Tennis Since Roland Garros Ended – Here are Some Quick Takes

  1. Andy Murray loses at Queen’s Club – His tenure at #1 has been pretty substandard minus strong showings in Dubai and Qatar.
  2. John McEnroe says Serena Williams would not do well on the ATP Tour – Maybe he is trying to get an exhibition match with Serena or stir the pot ahead of the forthcoming Battle of the Sexes movie … at any rate, this is a pretty silly question being broached by John McEnroe.
  3. Roger Federer loses to Haas and then wins Halle for a 9th time – subconscious sympathy for Haas?  Lendl’s spot on the all-time title list looks to be precarious.
  4. Boris Becker’s Bankruptcy – It is not my business.  I hope his financial situation improves.
  5. Venus Williams’ Car Crash – Again, it is not my business.  I feel badly for the deceased, for family of the deceased, and for Venus.
  6. Novak Djokovic’s 2017 has been better than Murray’s – One may not know it given the gloom and doom accounts of Nole’s strange 52 weeks, but his title in Qatar, runner-up finish in Rome, quarterfinal finish at the French Open, and upcoming championship match in Eastbourne show me that Novak is posting results in 2017 that would be considered pretty strong for all but 5 men on the planet.
  7. Magazine Photos – Tennis players seem to show up in the ESPN Bodies issue, SI Swimsuit Issue, and even in Vanity Fair.  To the extent they help the sport, great, but I don’t really care.

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  1. I wholehearted agree with you! I just can’t wait for Wimbledon to start so we can focus on tennis and not these non-issues that are none of our business.

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