US Open 2017: Stephens vs Keys Championship Prediction


Sloane Stephens vs Madison Keys

I am excited for this match.  I think each player has a lot of strengths, but their strengths will play against the other player’s strength.  Keys loves to dictate play and hit with power.  Great.  Stephens has great mobility and counter punching capabilities.  If nerves don’t get in the way, this could be an outstanding match.  Keys dominated Vandeweghe and looks to be the favorite.  Stephens weathered a second set bagel vs a player with 20 years of US Open success.  Both players have bright futures ahead of them and a major title being on the line makes this match even more special.  I don’t think nerves will be a huge issue for either player so I am expecting a really good match.

My Prediction: Stephens faced a good opponent to prepare her for Keys’ attempts to dictate play with big serves, returns, and forehands.  Keys has the edge of being able to set the tone for the match rather than reacting to the tone.  I think Keys has better consistency than Venus Williams does at this stage of her illustrious career.  I should say has a better ability to rediscover consistency after a patch of errors than Venus Williams does at this stage.  I think a big serve and being the aggressor ultimately pays off in a 3 set triumph for Madison Keys.

Madison Keys d. Sloane Stephens 6-4, 3-6, 6-4



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