Brian Held Interview: 8 Year Tennis Coach at Loyola High School in Los Angeles

A good interview from 2016 – some new interviews are coming soon

Tennis Abides: Dan Martin on Tennis and Life

1. How did you get into playing tennis after being a college track and field athlete as well as a high school track and field coach?

I always loved competing in sports.  It often didn’t matter what sport, I just really really liked working at a sport, and then letting it all out in a game or match.  When I got to Georgetown, I tried out for the soccer team.  I made the first cut, and practiced with the team for a week.  I was the last player cut.  It was at that point that went to walk on the Track team as a pole vaulter – a sport I had done in high school and scored in the sectionals.  I met with the Head Coach, and made a strong case for why he should give me a chance.  And he did.  I loved Track in college.  I was able…

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