Davis Cup 2017: France and Belgium Reach the Championship Round

The match-up between France and Belgium in November should be fun because I think both countries are invested in the outcome of this tie.  Of course, we expect players to be invested in Davis Cup even if the public in their country cares far less (USA?).  Belgium has never won a Davis Cup title, but was runner-up in 2015 (and in 1904).  France has won 9 times.  In 1991, Henri Leconte and Guy Forget beat a US team featuring Agassi, Sampras, and a decorated doubles team of Ken Flach and Robert Segueso 3-1 with Agassi scoring the only point for the US.  I remember France’s coach Yanick Noah stating something to the effect of “We care about Davis Cup and trained as a team for weeks to prepare for this tie.”  If both countries bring a lot of fight and the fans are invested, this should be a win for tennis as the 2017 season closes.

My early thought is that Goffin may be the toughest singles player for either country, but that France has more depth in singles and especially in doubles.  Advantage France?


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